You Couldn’t Wait

light houseThis is a story about a tragedy. A story about two soulmates who fell in love and had a blissful life but the woman’s life was complicated. While she was attempting to sort out her life, the man grew impatient and hooked up with another woman who ultimately turned out to be his greatest nightmare. The moral of the story is have FAITH – the substance of things hoped for but not yet seen. Had the man had faith, every day of their lives would be joyful not mournful. Please share your thoughts with comments after you’ve read the poem.

You’re never going to find her again. You can look in your narrow social sphere of hard-core women who were maimed and abused, loud and obscene but you won’t find her.

 She won’t be at the local cook-out, dance club or party scene and since you don’t enter the edifice of a church except for funerals, you won’t find her.

 Every waking moment of your life, you will look for her but you won’t find her. Lightening never strikes twice.

 She’s the star that’s out of your reach. The melody that plays inside your head and haunts you. She’s every good thing that you failed to accomplish simply because you lacked the courage to try. She was the second chance that God gave you and you blew it.

 You couldn’t wait. You couldn’t wait. So now you end up with a ghetto nightmare.