What I Learned from Falling Off a Ladder

After having an agenda-free Sunday, and hitting all my favorite stores, I returned home and discovered that one of the ceiling lights in my kitchen blew out. I hate dimly lit rooms and tried to change the bulb on a step stool but it wasn’t tall enough so off to Home Depot I went before they closed in the next 20 minutes.

Upon my arrival, two very nice salesmen assisted me with the purchase but now the challenge was to get a 6-foot ladder into my 14-year-old car. Two younger men attempted to help me but it was an epic fail.
One of the young men offered to put the ladder in his car and deliver it to my home if I could wait until he finished closing the store and I gratefully accepted.

The young man kept his word, followed me home with ladder in tow and refused to accept the money I offered him. He said it was his birthday and he was doing his “good deed” for the day. What a blessing.
After I figured out how to open the ladder (yes, I went on You Tube), I climbed up the ladder and removed the bulb however, as I descended back down, I miscalculated my steps and found myself leaning backwards and headed for the floor in what would be a crash landing. The light bulb I was carrying preceded me, hit the floor and shattered into a million pieces. Miraculously, I tumbled into the stepladder that was previously in an upright position and ended up laying on top of it sideways. O-M-G. Instead of thinking about all the negative things that could have happened to me, I started praising God instead.

I got back on that damn ladder after I had regained my composure and counted each step that I climbed. Four steps to be exact.

What I learned from falling off a ladder is that even when you fall, God will be there to catch you and not only should you count the number of steps that you climb, but count your blessings as well.