Plant Conversation

wilted flower


Plant Conversation

She talked to her plant today and apologized for its neglect.
Wilted, brown and starving for love, this was the familiarity they both shared.

She explained that though she saw it hanging on for dear life, she had been too exhausted to nurture it because she, too was starving for love.

There were secrets in that house that maybe the plant knew, but couldn’t tell her.
The 3:00 a.m. computer trips that occurred while she slept.

The side of the bed that was never slept on.

The secret phone conversations and blue pills and shots that men take when they want to please their women. But wait, he had not touched her in 11 years, so why did he need those shots or pills?

Things that are done in secret, through conspiracy and betrayal, eventually come to light and everyone knows that plants and positive people always move towards the light.

So she kissed the plant as her tears fell into its pot. Not tears because of the betrayal, but tears out of frustration, because she had been such a fool. She begged the plant to hold on just a wee bit longer because soon, they would both be in a new space and in that space, they would finally be free.