Making it Through the Night

Making it Through the NightOf late, I’ve been growing and it’s been painful. I’ve had to release things from the past in order to make way for the future. I’ve also had to let somethings go that I truly loved and wanted to hold onto.

The stillness of the night brings solitude. A time to think. A time to feel. A time to mourn – and then heal. In my moment of solitude, I listen to music which has always been a good friend and a healer. There are songs from the past that awaken sweet memories of happier times and I cling to them. I also talk to God in those moments of solitude, pouring out my heart and holding on to His unchanging hand.

I turned on You Tube looking for a song that I wanted to hear and in the midst of looking at the video, it stopped playing and without any input from me, another video emerged and began to play. It was a song by Dianne Reeves called, Better Days, the lyrics were included. She has always been one of my favorite songstress and the words went straight to my heart. In the song, she describes her grandmother’s wisdom and these particular words hit home: “You can’t get to better days until you make it through the night so you have to be patient.” Well the floodgate of tears opened and then I looked at my nightstand and the pictures of my deceased mother and aunt almost leaped at me. I realized that they were both talking to me, saying, “Linda, you’re going to get through this. Be patient, Baby Girl.” I grabbed both of their pictures and held them close to my heart because through a song, God was talking to me. He was saying: when the pressures of life become too strong and the tears start to flow, remember that “Weeping will last for a night, but joy eventually comes — in the morning.”