Love & Loss

Love & LossSome people find love early in life, others during their third and final act. Whether it comes early or late, the real tragedy is never recognizing it at all – or calling it love when it’s not.

Real love is authentic. It doesn’t waiver or disappear in times of trouble. It remains long after the beauty fades and the money dries up. It’s there in good times and in bad and it is palpable — you can actually feel it. It greets you in the morning with a smile and soothes you at night before you go to sleep. It makes you stronger. It allows you to grow. It makes you laugh. And sing. And dance. And cry. Yes, love can make you cry, both tears of sorry and tears of joy.

You see it in the eyes of your newborn baby or on the wrinkled face of your grandmother or mother. You hear it in the laughter of your children or in the voice of your lover when he or she asks “What’s wrong?”

At some point in life, you’re going to meet someone who loves you if you believe that you’re capable of receiving love. So many of us miss the opportunity to love because we don’t think we deserve it. But we do. For most of us, it was the act of love that brought us to life and it is the act of love that will bury us when we’re gone.

The greatest medicine we receive is not a pill or a prescription for drugs. It’s love. Love heals when all else fails. Love saves when others jump ship.

There will come a time when you will lose love either to death or undesired human conditions. And it will hurt deeply. In those moments of sorrow look back at the good times. The sweet times. Those indelible moments of joy that you would have never known had it not been for love.

Please do not leave this planet without experiencing the miracle of love.