Glad Valentine’s Day is Over

picture of billie holiday

For some, Valentine’s Day is a day of celebration. Someone loves you. Someone cares. But for others, it’s a day of mourning; a sad reminder that their marriage is over. Or the man or woman they love is gone.

She’s not hating on those who enjoyed the day. At one time she did too. Love is a beautiful thing, especially when it’s carefree, passionate and fulfilling but when it’s over, it leaves a huge, dark galaxy of pain.

She thought she had shaken him. Worked things out in therapy. Was looking forward and not backward in her rearview mirror. They had a very beautiful relationship, especially in the beginning but the ending was rough and painful. A crash landing before she had a chance to pull out her parachute. She was bruised. Hurt. Bewildered. And ashamed. Ashamed that she missed the warning signs of someone who would eventually leave her and never return. But she had gotten through all of that, or so she thought. And then came Valentine’s Day. A payday for florists, chocolatiers and greeting card merchants. A day when elementary kids have decorated shoe boxes filled with homemade cards from their classmates. A day when men and women pop that long-awaited question hoping that their loved ones will say “I do.”

But for those left behind, it’s a day of unwanted memories. She woke up that morning and the empty spaces where loved once lived hit her with a vengeance. Billy Holiday had it right. “Stop haunting me now. Can’t shake you no how. Just leave me alone.”  If you’re not familiar with the song, consider it a blessing. Heartache is a chronic disease that doesn’t dissipate overnight. It lingers, sometimes like a faint whisper. Other times like a sledgehammer.

So, now it’s the day after Valentine’s Day. Maybe her life can return to normal but somehow she knows it won’t. However at least she’ll have 12 months to prepare — before it comes around again.