Don’t Cry When the Loving Stops

shutterstock_98027750You’re in love. Life is good. When you’re with your lover he or she takes you to the moon, the stars and reluctantly back down to earth. And then, everything comes to a screeching halt. Without warning. They’re gone. You’ve been ghosted which means left without a formal goodbye. When this happens, Beloved don’t cry. Celebrate. The Universe has protected you.

Everything is about energy, that thing that we can’t see but is ever present. Heat is energy. Wind is energy. Energy is real.  Things that are invisible to the naked eye become manifest under a microscope. A CT Scan. An MRI machine. Protons. Neutrons. Electrons. All energy is real – and so is negativity.

A married woman lies in bed at night wondering why her husband hasn’t made love to her in years. Little does she know he’s addicted to porn and the more porn he watches, the more he’s influenced by its energy. He becomes moody. Argumentative. Selfish. Calculating. God protected that woman from her husband’s negativity which he would have passed on to her unknowingly.

Another woman thought she was in a beautiful relationship but she started noticing subtle changes with her man. He was becoming more flirtatious, less gracious and then outright disrespectful. The man went from flirting, crossed the line and went to bed with another woman. The moment that man touched that new woman, the Universe immediately snatched my friend out of harm’s way although she couldn’t figure out why. Then, it became evident. The more involved this man became with the new woman, the less my friend recognized the man. This new woman’s negative aura had encased him to the point where he was no longer recognizable. He was not the man she had previously loved.

Birds do not receive weather reports but know when a storm is coming. They feel its energy and run for cover. So, when the loving comes to an abrupt halt in your life, don’t panic.  Instead, give thanks. You are being protected from a level of harm you can’t even begin to imagine.