“Being Vulnerable is an Act of Courage”

I recently heard something by author and fellow social worker, Brene Brown, that resonated with me: “It takes courage to be vulnerable.”

We live in a world that has unrealistic expectations about who we are supposed to be. What we are supposed to do and how we are supposed to act. As I go through a very difficult season of my life, I share experiences that might make others uncomfortable, but they are lessons that I feel the need to share.

Betrayal, abandonment and heartache were the things I feared the most and as life would happen, all three showed up on my doorstep at the same time with a vengeance.

I mistakenly labeled this challenging time as my season of discontent but in truth, it is a season of courage. I had to make tough decisions that certain people didn’t like however life is not about being popular, it’s about being free. I had to forgive myself for not recognizing the flawed characters who entered my life and be honest enough to admit that it was I, who allowed them to come in.

Life is always about choices. I choose not to be an ABW (Angry Black Woman) and to quote Ntozake Shange, “leave bitterness in someone else’s cup.” Do I have reasons to be an ABW? Absolutely, but I’m not going to let them define who I am or who I will become.

This journey has taught me that vulnerability and love go hand in hand. If you are not vulnerable, if you lack the courage to show the most intimate and personal parts of your life to others, then you will never be able to love. And for me, the reason we walk this sacred planet is to discover and display our capacity to love.